In the Fall of 2016, the Town of Winchendon acquired the Ingleside property from The Winchendon School. It was a mutually beneficial swap; with the School taking ownership of Marvin School from the Town and the Town taking ownership of Ingleside. The acquisition of Ingleside was the result of a September 2013 Town Forum held by the Robinson- Broadhurst Foundation and the desire for projects that would reach across the community and engage diverse organizations, businesses, individuals and government. As a result of this Forum, Robinson- Broadhurst established a committee to identify candidate projects. The development of the Ingleside property was identified as a project that gives Winchendon the opportunity for the entire community to participate in the creation and use of community-operated recreation areas and workspaces where we can meet, socialize and/or collaborate. The emphasis is on community operated, encompassing all age groups and ways of life, giving way to increased pride, participation and communications between various people and interest groups. Ultimately making Winchendon a better place to live and grow and attracting others to our community